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Meadow Lark was founded in 1983 on the guiding principle of our word is our bond.

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Rick and Donna Jones, Founders of Meadow Lark
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It all started with a card table, a telephone,

and a new red chair…

And the dream was to provide an ethical company that strives to be the best in the industry.

Rick and Donna Jones started Meadow Lark in 1983 with a card table, a telephone, and a new red chair. Their dream was to provide an ethical company, that strives to be the best in the industry. This remains true today.

Meadow Lark Agency, Inc. and Meadow Lark Transport, Inc. are an asset based 3PL with headquarters in Billings, MT. With over 40 terminals across the USA and exceeding $200 million in revenue, Meadow Lark stands apart because of its devotion to customer service and passion for the industry.

Amanda Roth, Rick and Donna Jones' oldest daughter has been with the company since 1998, learning all the different roles. In 2011 she purchased the companies from her mom and dad, and now runs a thriving business along with being a mom of three. In 2014 Meadow Lark became Woman Owned. 

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The people who represent our company are truly our greatest assets. I am in awe of the professional and eager employees, drivers, and agents who call Meadow Lark home. We are one big family: we sit down and talk about things if we have difference; we enjoy the successes; and we come up with solutions for every challenge. This is what makes Meadow Lark truly great!

Amanda Roth
Meadow Lark CEO

Meadow Lark Leadership

Amanda Roth
Mike Kandas
Michelle Borsum
Brandon Hurst
Ryan Spoonemore
VP of Sales and Operations – North Region
Nikki Bessette
Executive VP
Stacey Collett
VP of Safety & Compliance
Crystal Arthur
VP of Accounting
Brittney Powers
Director of Marketing
Aaron Pohle
VP of Logistics
John Kessler
Director of Career Development
Scott Hagfeldt
Director of Business Analytics
Benjamin Norberg
People and Culture Director

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